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Things We’ll Miss When We’re Old

Updated: May 3, 2018

Lying in bed on Sunday nights weeping for the weekend and dreaming of love

Burning time

Pubs on Saturday afternoons

Drinking things that turn your tongue a different colour

Smoking rollies right down to the stub between chewed fingers

Wearing chipped nail-varnish

Being held like a child by your mum

Having the proper ‘Friday feeling’

Thinking you will meet The One at every scuzzy party

Being allowed to lounge in cool places without being stared at quizzically

Sitting on the pavement/on the side of the road and not looking homeless

Wearing your bikini when you run out of clean underwear

Weird one night stands

House parties in Zone 5 where you don’t know a soul

Staying in dirty hostels and having the adventure of your life

Falling asleep in your clothes

Waking up on strange sofas

Minimal work responsibility

Having skin you don’t deserve

Drinking Fanta

Communal, chaotic living

Using fairy-lights to ‘brighten up’ shitty rented rooms


No one having any money

Drinking mystery punch

Eating Quavers

‘Bouncing back’ from a hangover after the first beer

Wearing odd socks

Being ‘wild’, not ‘eccentric’

Still believing there’s time to become an astronaut/ballerina if you started tomorrow

Working in media jobs where you have meetings sitting on inflatable flamingos

Listening to sad songs on purpose to make yourself sad

The exhilaration/freedom of getting into a friend’s shit car

Weekend away bags stuffed hurriedly with nothing

Scruffy shoes

Silly glasses

Having liberal friends

Putting your feet up at the front of the bus

Sleeping on car journeys

16-25 railcard

Taking Cosmo quizzes to find out whether you’re Samantha or Carrie

Staying out til 5

Long debriefs with friends about the night before over breakfast

Endless funny group chat conversations

No one ever using the word ‘babysitter’

Long, rambling, stream-of-consciousness phone calls

Crop tops

No one judging you for McDonalds/the cheapest wine

Bearable hangovers

Being so excited about the next thing because it Might Change Everything

Not having to feign interest in other people’s children

Disposable income, spent selfishly

The first phase of love

Written by Matilda Curtis and Jess Bird

Illustrated by Jess Bird

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