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Most Annoying Things Said At Work

'Public opinion poll says 272% of Brits find these phrases intolerable' -

‘The pub??!! CAN I COME??’

‘What did you get up to this weekend?’

‘What are you doing this weekend?’

‘What sort of time do you call this?’

‘Got so bladdered with the lads last night!’

'God is anyone else SO SLAMMED right now?'

‘Can I get that by EOP?’

‘We only review salary in Q1’

(Any time of year referred to in ‘Q’s)

‘Can you action that?’

'Timings are tight'

‘I’m not sure we’re totally aligned on this one Sandra’

‘As per my previous email’

‘Nice to e-meet you!!’

‘Can we take this offline?’

'I'm back-to-back all day'

‘Client Christmas drinks’

‘Calm down, it was only a joke!’

‘Lol, we’ve got a right feminist one here!’

‘Tea?? CAN I HAVE ONE??’

‘Lets get that diarised’

‘Bear with me’

‘OOO’ / ‘WFH’

Written and illustrated by Jess Bird

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