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How You Know You're Falling Again

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Their name tastes like honey in your mouth, your name sounds like rubies in theirs

They begin to occupy that very sacred real estate in your mind; the blackness behind your eyes as you drift off the sleep

You spend your lunchtimes surreptitiously reading about their star sign

You know their smell anywhere - caught on their collar, caught in the air, caught on you

You avidly devour any reference they give you as another breadcrumb in the trail leading you closer to who they really are

A chance to bring them up in conversation is a private treat

Your music tastes begin to alter slightly, as though you’re seeing the world through a different lens

You are content to stare at blank spaces - ceilings, skies - any place where your mind can paint them all over the surface

The latest sadness stored in your heart begins to recede slightly, replaced with a cautious hope

Your world threatens to become dissatisfying every moment they aren’t in it, you wonder whether it is altered forever

You start singing - loudly and badly - in the shower, even when the morning is black and dense

Intolerance for the boring, the obligatory, the repetitive creeps in

You read yourself to sleep in their voice

You imagine a ghostly finger tracing up your arm in the lift

Every day is a good pant day

Written and illustrated by Jess Bird

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