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How To Be Lovely

She walks into the room with dark black glasses and a black coat.

I’ll have an espresso.

She places herself in a corner by the window and reads a book.

She knows they are watching but she doesn’t mind.

She is famous

Not in the way you think

She is glamorous, mournful famous

We’ve seen her so many times

She looks like a mermaid

All at sea

Or the front of a French film cover

She lights a cigarette and one stray tear falls from her face.

She looks out the window into the light

Are you ok madam?

The cafe is French with a bay window

The waiter is of course French

She mutters she is fine under her breath. It has silky restraint

Thank you, yes i’m fine

But she looks out the window and the second tear falls

She wipes it away with defiant restraint.

A dignified man appears

Are you ok darling? Whats wrong?

Nothing she says

I’m fine

The dignified man offers to buy her a drink but she couldn’t possibly accept

She is fine

She is dignified defiant.

You saw her on stage once. Hold herself strong before she was taken by the camera

You saw her on film holding it together.

Smiling delicately at the party.

I want her to play my Juliet. They would say

I want to her to play Hedda.

She has something of a young Juliet about her…

Yes I can see that.

She was picked up in a champagne haze on a night she was happy, surrounded by friends

and cameras. It might not have happened if she hadn’t been shiny that evening.

The man loved the way she looked at him.

I love the way you look at me he says

Those eyes. I could swim in those eyes

Those doe eyes

She smiles shyly and drags at her cigarette.

You’re all that I need. You’re so so lovely.

She was scooped into a house made of flowers and cappucino sundays. Of white company dressing gowns and bay windows. She is so so happy. She is so refined happy.

She keeps her script in a draw.

They’re so lovely.

The world smiles at the couple

Dignified satisfied

It watches her cheek be kissed on a Sunday morning

It watches her delightfully lovely make meals for friends and friends of friends

She sometimes dreams of howling

of dancing, faster and faster

Of laughing while she’s dancing

Of living with the lions

Of lions on her body

She wakes in a hot sweat

Longing to go back to sleep

But she forgets very quickly.


Written by Isobel Rogers

Illustrated by Sophie Traugut

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