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10 Moments of Millennial Anxiety

1. What if £50 highlighter just makes me look sweaty?

2. Why is everyone running in this station? Do I need to run too?

3. Do I fancy him or the convenience of his tube line?

4. Where do I get friends that take stunning, nonchalant photos of me for social media?

5. What if “brunch” is just paying too much for bread?

6. What if the way I look when the camera opens accidentally on my phone is what I ACTUALLY look like?

7. Does the secret internal Tinder rating actually exist or was it a rumour started by psychopaths?! What is mine?!

8. Am I allowed to enjoy Friends since the internet decided it’s problematic? Is House of Cards allowed? Surely Master of None is fine?!

9. What if Amanda Bynes knows something we don’t?

10. Am I being mindful enough RN?!?

Written by Matilda Curtis

Illustrated by India Boxall

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